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Almanac X submissions are now open.

The Sleepers Almanac submissions

Submissions to The Sleepers Almanac X are currently open, until January 31st. Head to the Almanac page for all the details.

What we like reading

To find out what we like reading, read some of the books we’ve published!

General (non-Almanac) manuscript submissions

Once you have a complete manuscript, send it to us, as per the guidelines below. NB: Do not submit to Sleepers until your manuscript is finished. Email us a file no larger than 2 megs attention Louise. Send us your completed manuscript, along with a synopsis, and a short author’s bio, all in Word .doc format. Let us know how you heard of Sleepers. Please do not send an enquiry email asking if we are interested in seeing any of your manuscript and do not send hard copies; just email the synopsis, the manuscript, and a short author bio – all as Word documents.

We are accepting works by local, national and international writers.


Due to time constraints, Sleepers are no longer conducting manuscript appraisals. For appraisals, see your local writers’ centre. Manuscripts submitted to Sleepers will not receive critical feedback.

General (Non-Almanac) Submission Guidelines

Sleepers reserves the right to only accept submissions that comply with all of these guidelines, so please read them carefully.

  • Please do not submit work that has been published elsewhere.
  • Do not submit work that is simultaneously being considered for a prize or by another publisher. We will get back to you quickly.
  • The cover page should include your name, address, phone number, email address & title of the work.
  • Submit your work accompanied by an up-to-date biography (50 to 200 words), which includes all publications and publication details (eg: publication names and dates) but not family history or CV.
  • Please include a two-paragraph synopsis.
  • Please submit in Word format, and let us know how you heard about Sleepers & which Sleepers books you’ve read.