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June 2016: We have news. At Sleepers, after thirteen lucky years, we have made the difficult decision not to take on any new books. But while we aren’t reading any new manuscripts, we’re still looking after our backlist, and we encourage you to get in quick while stocks last, and buy up big.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting Sleepers: for coming to our events, buying our books, reading and responding to the stories that we publish, and for generally being enthusiastic. We feel very lucky to have had so much support and so many readers. We’d particularly like to thank the organisations that have funded us: Arts Victoria, now Creative Victoria, and, until recently, the Australia Council. We couldn’t have done all of this publishing without their funding. We’d also like to thank booksellers, particularly those independent bookshops who have hand-sold our books. Some of the best readers in the country work in those stores.

To anyone who has taken a punt on us, we are very grateful. The people who have taken the biggest punt are our authors, and we can’t believe we’ve been lucky enough to have published books by Kalinda Ashton, Brendan Gullifer, Steven Amsterdam, SJ Finn, Balli Kaur Jaswal, miles vertigan, Eleanor Limprecht, David Musgrave, Eli Glasman, Daylan James, Oslo Davis, Paul Dalgarno, John Tesarsch and Vanessa Russell, not to mention those authors, too many to mention, we have had the pleasure of publishing in the many Sleepers Almanacs. And a big thanks to our families who have been incredibly supportive, even when it seemed like a crazy endeavour.

It’s a dire time for the arts in Australia. It’s not just the cuts in funding, it’s the way that artists are made, in an abundance of casual ways, to feel like hobbyists. We need to look after and support the arts – they are necessary. Without paintings and books and music and all the rest of it, the world would be a difficult place to negotiate. Actually, it would be utterly awful. So, please pay for books, and please support your local book industry. We know you do already, of course – you’re reading this. Thank you.

Much love,

Lou and Zoe