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The Sleepers Almanac X

by Zoe Dattner & Louise Swinn

Every year for the past ten, the Sleepers editors have called for stories from around Australia – any length up to 10,000 words. The result is always a heartbreaking and hilarious combination of tales from established authors alongside emerging and completely new authors. Many Sleepers Almanac stories have gone on to be selected for the Best Australian Stories, a testament to the high quality of the stories in here. As this is the final Sleepers Almanac, this will become a collector’s edition.

Melissa Howard Leticia Parish Sophie Overett Alison Strumberger Ryan O’Neill Sean Condon Daniel Harper Eric Dando Eleanor Limprecht Melanie Cheng Michelle Wright Jennifer Down Stephanie Barham Laurie Steed Fikret Pajalic JYL Koh Oslo Davis Gay Lynch Chris Womersley Jarryd Luke

Reviews of the last Almanac:
“It’s wonderful to sense this kind of confidence among the ‘emerging’ category of Australian writers of the kind that Sleepers, as publishers, have now spent over a decade nurturing, that they cut it with some real verve, particularly as they are lined up with some more established names.” —Melbourne Review

“Despite the ever-increasing competition from newer literary journals, the high quality of this annual short-fiction anthology remains intact.” —Australian Book Review