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Down to the River

by SJ Finn

In the small country town of Dungower, little goes on that local journalist Joni Miller can write about in any gritty detail. But when it becomes known that a convicted child sex offender is living in their midst, the town is thrown into turmoil. Meanwhile, Joni’s own family secret begins to unravel, and the uncomfortable truth emerges as the town plays out as judge and jury.

A courageous and insightful novel from a writer with “an excellent willingness to take risks, and a restraint in refusing to spell things out too explicitly”. (Triple R FM)

“Finn writes with clarity and has a gift for teasing out the competing elements of ethical conundrums. She merges her narrative strands neatly around the theme of child abuse without this ever feeling gratuitous or laboured. Down to the River is a graceful novel that wears its acuity lightly.” (The Australian)

“At times an incredibly uncomfortable book to read, but good fiction should be challenging and thankfully there are still small publishers willing to take risks and bring important books like this to light.” (Readings Monthly)