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The Sleepers Almanac No. 9

by Eds. Zoe Dattner & Louise Swinn

Normally $24.95 Now only $12.00!

Containing some of the most outstanding short fiction being written today, The Sleepers Almanac No. 9 is another must-have collection.

2014 marks the ninth edition of this perennial favourite and features new stories from Ryan O’Neill, Pierz Newton-John, Kirsten Tranter and a great treasure trove of others you may never have heard of. If you’ve never picked up this collection before, this is one you don’t want to miss. Buy it here, April 1st.

The Writers:

Jenny Ackland; Catherine Cole; Adam Curley; Rhett Davis; Paul Dee; Oliver Driscoll; Gareth Hipwell; Rebecca Howden; Darby Hudson; Mireille Juchau; Andy Kissane; JYL Koh; Wes Lee; Carol Lefevre; Eleanor Limprecht; Anicca Maleedy-Main; Louise Molloy; Pierz Newton-John; Ryan O’Neill; Sophie Overett; Michelle Radtke; Tim Richards; Rihana Ries; Katherine Smyrk; Rafael SW; Luke Thomas; Kirsten Tranter; Jack Vening; Chloe Wilson; Ruth Wyer.