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The Boy’s Own Manual To Being a Proper Jew

by Eli Glasman

“Five stars. Glasman is an author to watch.”—Books + Publishing

Yossi, at seventeen, feels as though his homosexuality makes him less of a Jew. Living as he does in Melbourne’s Orthodox Jewish community, he has a lot to hide. When non-religious rebel Josh turns up at school, Yossi is asked to look after him, and while Yossi educates Josh on the ancient traditions of their race, Josh does some educating of his own. Through their relationship, Yossi learns to see the laws of Judaism in a very new light.

But when he and Josh are caught kissing in the bathhouse, Yossi’s life takes on a dramatic new turn, and he can ignore his new reality no longer.

The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew is full of heart and human blundering, as a family gradually learns to accept the parameters of its faith, and how to work around them.

For lovers of Melbourne, drama, and romance, and for anyone who remembers teenage or thwarted love, this is a page-turner.

‘A painful – in a good way! – and funny story about secrets in the bagel belt. Eli guides us through a mad little ghetto he knows all too well.’—John Safran

‘Glasman bursts onto the scene, positively brimming with the three C’s: cour- age, compassion and chutzpah. An immensely enjoyable, totally unexpected little novel.’—Bram Presser

‘The journey of a gay Orthodox Jewish boy towards his own religious, spiri- tual, and sexual truth – a poignant, courageous, thought-provoking and sweet coming-out story.’—Nancy Garden, author of Annie on My Mind

‘A voice that demands to be heard. This book speaks to all those reconciling sexuality, spirituality, culture, family, and finding the space in between.’ —Amra Pajalic

‘Rarely does a single book offer a reader so much to delight over as Eli Glas- man’s smart, fun debut novel.’
—Alex Sanchez, author of Rainbow Boys and The God Box