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Holy Bible

by Vanessa Russell

For the Bloom Family, Life’s what happens when you’re busy waiting for the second coming.

Meet the Bloom family – a large, raucous but quietly damaged family growing up in the Christadelphian sect in Ballarat. To them the Bible provides everything that any of them need to know about life, the future and Jesus Christ’s imminent return. They are a small but close-knit community where you are forbidden from straying, or risk being ostracised. Funny, touching and heart-wrenching all at once, Holy Bible explores what it would be like to grow up in a highly controlled environment. What happens when we confront the fear that has held us in that space for so long? What happens to the family? And is it possible to rewrite the book by which we live?

What People Are Saying…

‘With a deft unaffected humour that is sometimes agonising, even terrifying, Vanessa Russell’s Holy Bible reminds us again, after Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and Janette Turner-Hospital’s Oyster of the complicated paradoxical legacy of growing up in a religious sect… Frequently astonishing and bitterly funny… a tale about how family and history forms us and the stories we live in, while celebrating the chances we are offered to begin anew and choose differently.’—Kalinda Ashton

‘A strange and compelling novel.’—Paddy O’Reilly

‘A disturbing yet liberating story of an off-beat family growing up in a restrictive religious environment. A moving book, I relished it more than relish itself.’—Mourne Kransky

‘Brilliant. Loved it. Read it in one go.’—Sue-Ann Post