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The Sleepers Almanac No. 6

by Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn, Eds.


Edited by Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn

The Sleepers Almanac No. 6 features new and emerging authors alongside established authors. Cate Kennedy, Jon Bauer, Kalinda Ashton, Steven Amsterdam Рso many, many wonderful words and writers.


The Sleepers Almanac No 6. features:

Alana Kelsall Andrew Weldon Andy Kissane Anne Harrison
Annelise Balsamo Barry Lee Thompson Cameron Raynes Carol Lefevre
Cate Kennedy Daniel Ducrou Darby Hudson David Astle
Emma Ashmere Fran Macdonald George Dunford Heath McMurray
Helen Richardson Jack Cassidy Jon Bauer Kalinda Ashton
Laurie Steed Louise D’Arcy Matt Bissett-Johnson Mileta Rien
Molly Guy Nick Levey Ruby J Murray Ryan O’Neill
Samantha Dagg Steven Amsterdam Terry Donnelly Will Eaves