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This Too Shall Pass

by SJ Finn

Jen Montgomery is at an impasse. Nothing is as secure or as certain as she had previously thought. Marriage, parenthood, work, the very fabric of her identity, is shifting. She had always considered herself a ‘forever’ person but now she isn’t so sure.

After fourteen years of marriage, Jen – aka ‘Monty’ – wakes one morning to find herself ‘with a well-defined sexual attraction to my next-door neighbour who… was female’. Not long after, Monty leaves her husband, Dave, and their son for a woman, Renny. She follows Renny to Melbourne where Monty, a social worker, begins employment at Marlowe Downs, a suburban institution for child psychiatry.

“A calm and thoughtful novel set in contemporary Melbourne, written for intelligent grown-ups by someone with an ear for laughter and forgiving. Which might resemble acceptance of the things we cannot change.” – Helen Elliott, The Age

“A clever and deceptively complicated debut novel. As a novelist, Finn shows incredible control over her authorial voice, an excellent willingness to take risks and a restraint in refusing to spell things out too explicitly for the reader… what’s been left out becomes every bit as important as what’s been put in.” – Emmett Stinson

“It is a moving, wonderful, thought-provoking read, make no mistake.” – Sunday Territorian

“Finn’s succinct characterisations are filled with insight and are often very funny. Her story adroitly records a short but telling period in a life. ‘“Chapters”, as people call them,’ notes Monty. We look forward to more of them from Finn.” – Australian Book Review

This Too Shall Pass acknowledges, in a way like Helen Garner’s The Spare Room, the difficult and the confusing and life’s unresolvable, constant and intricate instabilities.” – Angela Meyer, Sydney Morning Herald

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