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2015, the Story Continues

With thanks to the wonderful folk who submitted to the final Sleepers Almanac, Lou and Zoe are busy working on what is going to be a cracker of a finale to what has been ten seriously fun years of publishing this critically acclaimed collection of short fiction that first appear in 2005.

There’s tennis elbow aplenty as we spend this year raising our hats to the works and talents of three stand out writers: SJ Finn’s Down to the River came out in March; Eleanor Limprecht is treating us to her second novel, Long Bay, in August; and Paul Dalgarno has us in tears of laughter and pathos in his forthcoming memoir, And You May Find Yourself, out in September.

Pick yourself up a copy of a previous Almanac – this kind of fabulousness never goes out of date!

Down to the River is out now!

This courageous and timely second novel from SJ Finn explores the complex and painful territory surrounding our perception of child sex offenders and our own moral responses. In the small country town of Dungower, little goes on that local journalist Joni Miller can write about in any gritty detail. But when it becomes know that a convicted paedophile is living in their midst, the town is thrown into turmoil. Make sure you pick up a copy this autumn, and if you’re in Melbourne March 12th, join us for the launch.

++ Bestselling Duffy & Snellgrove eBooks Available Here! ++
In a new agreement between Sleepers Publishing and former publisher Michael Duffy, a backlist of bestselling Australian titles published by Duffy & Snellgrove between 1994 and 2006 is now available as ebooks. Hits like John Birmingham’s He Died With a Felafel In His Hand, Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily and Rosalie Ham’s debut The Dressmaker (soon to be a film starring Kate Winslet) are just some of the titles Sleepers has made available to 100 ebook outlets including Amazon, Kobo and Apple. A full list of the titles currently available can be found right here.


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