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And You May Find Yourself in Spring

We’re rapt to bring you our latest book, And You May Find Yourself, the equally hilarious and woeful memoir from Paul Dalgano. Catherine Deveny has called it “Honest, raw, hilarious and melancholic. Impeccable writing. Compelling storytelling.” She’s right. Also out recently is the second novel from acclaimed author Eleanor Limprecht, Long Bay, the compelling story of real life Rebecca Sinclair, who was sentenced to Long Bay prison for manslaughter in the early 1900s.

And coming in October – we can barely contain ourselves, it’s so exciting – we’re launching the tenth, and final Sleepers Almanac! For all the fun and games, make sure you’re in Melbourne October 1st. A good old fashion Sleepers knees-up will take place at the Bella Union and you’re invited.

Don’t forget to check out SJ Finn’s Down to the Rivera startlingly courageous novel set in a small country town battling with the complex and painful issues surrounding child sex offenders.


++ Bestselling Duffy & Snellgrove eBooks Available Here! ++
In a new agreement between Sleepers Publishing and former publisher Michael Duffy, a backlist of bestselling Australian titles published by Duffy & Snellgrove between 1994 and 2006 is now available as ebooks. Hits like John Birmingham’s He Died With a Felafel In His Hand, Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily and Rosalie Ham’s debut The Dressmaker (soon to be a film starring Kate Winslet) are just some of the titles Sleepers has made available to 100 ebook outlets including Amazon, Kobo and Apple. A full list of the titles currently available can be found right here.


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