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A Book is a Small Good Thing

One of our favourite short stories is Raymond Carver’s ‘A Small Good Thing’. If you haven’t read it before, seek it out. It tells a heartbreaking story, which we won’t spoil for you now, suffice to say that a very uplifting and human moment takes place between a resentful and life-beaten baker, and two exhausted parents seeking answers and solace. In a small kitchen, in the early hours of the morning, hot, fresh bread is produced from an oven, and a peace of sorts emerges for the future of these three people. There’s something in this moment that speaks volumes of the way in which humans exchange pain and joy and fear and hope. It gets to the heart of why we love publishing and reading fiction.

We hope you’ll share some of that love with us this Spring. Check out our full catalogue now, and get yourself something you can exchange with others – a book.

++The Boy’s Own Manual To Being a Proper Jew is Here at Last!++

We’re very proud to present the debut novel by Eli Glasman, and our first novel for young adults, The Boy’s Own Manual To Being A Proper Jew. This wonderful story tells the tale of Yossi, a young man growing up in Caulfield’s Orthodox Jewish community and grappling with his sexuality. This book has received lots of acclaim already, with Books + Publishing magazine giving it five stars and lots of booksellers saying it’s the best new YA to cross their desks in years. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the first two chapters free, or go right ahead and buy the book in print or e right here, right now.

++Congratulations Balli!++

One of our favourite books of recent times is Inheritance, by Balli Jaswal Kaur. And we’re not the only ones who think it’s outstanding. At the recent Sydney Writers Festival it just received the Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novellist Award. If you haven’t already read it, head here straight away and get yourself a copy.

++ Bestselling Duffy & Snellgrove eBooks Available Here! ++
In a new agreement between Sleepers Publishing and former publisher Michael Duffy, a backlist of bestselling Australian titles published by Duffy & Snellgrove between 1994 and 2006 is now available as ebooks. Hits like John Birmingham’s He Died With a Felafel In His Hand, Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily and Rosalie Ham’s debut The Dressmaker (soon to be a film starring Kate Winslet) are just some of the titles Sleepers has made available to 100 ebook outlets including Amazon, Kobo and Apple. A full list of the titles currently available can be found right here.


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